Terms and conditions


Please find below our terms and conditions for joining us on any of our retreats. Please read them carefully and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Our Positive Attitude Policy
We do everything we can to make your retreat experience a positive one. Living on nothing but fresh juice for 7 days can have its challenges and small things, like bad weather and going through a detox, can effect people negatively. By mid week the vast majority of people have got through any ‘detox’ symptoms and begin to feel the benefits of a juicing detox. Clearly this is an unusual ‘holiday’ and it will have its challenges at times. If you arrive with an open and positive mind the experience will be an enjoyable one.

Juicehideaway Retreat Cancellation/Refund Policy
Juicehideaway Ltd highly recommends trip cancellation and personal insurance for all clients. This must be bought independently as it is not included in the retreat price. If for whatever reason you need to cancel your retreat place after you have booked with us, the following refund policy will apply:
All cancellations must be received in writing.
Each deposit paid (standard rate of £400.00), is a non-refundable registration fee.
Any promotional inclusions (such as products offered in the package, vouchers issued etc) will be deducted from any refund if applicable.
Full refunds, less the standard deposit rate of £400 will be provided on cancellations, up to 90 days prior to the start date of the booked retreat.
A 50% refund will be provided on cancellations between 60-89 days prior to the start date of the booked retreat.
A 30% refund will be provided on cancellations between 30-59 days prior to the start date of the booked retreat.
No refund will be provided on cancellation between 29-0 days prior to the start date of the booked retreat
No refund will be provided for premature leaving of the retreat or failure to arrive at the retreat for any reason.
All retreat payments are due 6-8 weeks prior to start date unless otherwise specified.  Clients whose balances are not received by the final 6 week deadline, risk forfeiting their retreat booking.
Split payments (deposits and all instalments) will incur a 4 % surcharge to be added per transaction.
Use of credit or debit cards will not incur a surcharge if payments are cleared in full at the time of booking.

Making and Confirming Your Booking
Rooms are limited on our beautiful retreats and there are many possible room configurations.  If in the very unlikely event the place has been double booked we can offer to move you to another week or refund the full amount. On receiving the confirmation email from our team, there will be full details of flight options, times to arrive and check out times provided.  Please do not book your flight until your booking is confirmed.

Team Members & Classes

In the event of one of the team members becoming injured, ill or any emergency situation that forces them to leave the retreat, then this may impact on the retreat plan, in terms of the yoga or fitness classes or manager talks being cancelled. We will do whatever we can to adapt to the situation and reduce the impact this may have on your retreat experience, however we may not be able to get a substitute team member out. The retreat will continue to run however things will be adjusted to reflect the team situation. There will be no refunds or compensation to reflect the change in team situation.

Flights & Transfers

Flights must be booked independently although Juicehideaway representatives will be happy to advise and assist on which Travel agents to use (usually recommended by other client referrals or personal experience). Juicehideaway Ltd cannot be held liable for providing any referral details of Travel Agents should any problems arise. It is the client’s responsibility to decide on making an informed decision of where to book flights from.

Health & Safety Restrictions
If you are currently pregnant, or under medical or psychiatric supervision, you must provide a Doctor’s certificate confirming your fitness to travel and take part. Our retreat is unfortunately not suitable for those with psychiatric or deep emotional issues or those looking for counselling or therapy, as our team are not trained in these areas. Our team are also not medically trained and do not know your medical history so cannot offer any specific medical advice whilst at the retreat. Our retreat is not suitable for children or for people with physical disabilities that cannot take care or responsibility for themselves as our team are not trained or experienced to look after people with such conditions. There are areas of the retreat that people with mobility issues may not be able to access. Our walks will take place on uneven grounds, walking boots and trainers are recommended with suitable ankle protection.  No alcohol or other recreational drugs may be brought to the Retreat. Any guests found intoxicated or under the influence of recreational drugs will be asked to leave the Retreat. In any case, all health problems should be disclosed when booking (refer to the PARQ forms that need to be completed as compulsory and which will be sent to you at the point of the booking being confirmed). A separate Juicehideaway questionnaire will also be sent which needs to be completed and returned prior to attending the Retreat. This questionnaire will be needed so that Juicehideaway have any other necessary details regarding contact details, and to help make your experience with us an enjoyable one.

Room Share
If you select a ‘room share’ options then Juicehideaway takes no responsibility for the actions of the person/s with whom you ‘room share’. If for whatever reason you are unhappy with your ‘room share’ including but not limited to: clash of personalities; disagreements; snoring; other annoying habits etc, Juicehideaway cannot be held responsible.

Items Forgotten at the Retreat
On your last day, please ensure you have packed all personal belongings safely before leaving the Retreat. Any items forgotten or lost will not be at the responsibility of Juicehideaway Limited to recover and return back to you.

All information provided on the website and any written and verbal form of correspondence is correct at the time of publication. However, due to mechanical faults, weather conditions, or what insurers call ‘Acts of God’, some amenities may be temporarily unavailable. Very occasionally, we may have to vary the advertised programme due to staff sickness or other unforeseen problems, in which case we will always try to provide an equivalent replacement. This may not always be possible. For example, if our Yoga Instructor becomes unwell on day 3 of the retreat, it is likely that it will be too short notice to find another and Yoga may well be cancelled for the whole week. This is extremely rare, but could happen. The same applies to any of the activities. Please note we rebound outside, so if the heavens open, rebounding will be cancelled. Clearly we will always do our level best to make sure all activities go ahead if possible. We would also like to point out that the Juice Master team can change at any time and although we will always endeavour to have a suitable replacement there will be no compensation for the change in team member.

Juicehideaway will not accept liability for:
+ Any of the above events, or others beyond our control.
+ Loss, injury, or damage (to you) or your personal property.
+ Medical or psychiatric conditions developing during or after your holiday.

Check that your holiday insurance policy covers these and other contingencies. And ensure you have the correct visa and travel documents needed for your travel to the Retreat.

Assumption of Risk
By agreeing to these terms and conditions, I/we state that I/we wish to participate in the juice detox and all the activities, which include but are not limited to: yoga, running, walks, swimming (pool) and therapy treatments such as massages. I/we realise that my participation involves the risk of injury and even the possibility of death. Furthermore, I/we confirm that I am voluntarily engaging in an acceptable level of exercise and Juicehideaway Ltd are not responsible for any injuries or losses incurred whilst at the retreat, after the retreat or during the transfer.

If I/we suffer with any health conditions including but not limited to the following, I/we confirm that I/we have either consulted with a doctor before participating in physical activity/a juice detox/receiving treatment or I/we am accepting full responsibility for my/our own health and I/we acknowledge the risk involved.

Bone or joint or back problem/pain; high or low blood pressure; surgery or recent injury; Diabetes or any other metabolic disease; raised cholesterol; heart condition; cancer; pain in your chest when you do physical exercise; unusual shortness of breath at rest or with mild exertion; pregnant; spells of severe dizziness or have lost consciousness; Epilepsy; angina.

This contract is entered into under the laws of the United Kingdom and in agreeing to these terms and condition you are doing so on behalf of yourself and any other parties included in your booking.

Thank you for choosing a detox break with Juicehideawayr and we look forward to welcoming you at our retreat.