Which one to choose...

One of our busiest times of year as people want to get healthy after the indulgence of Christmas and focus on New Years goals. Whatever the goals, we have a plan for you.



Per day:
x2 Smoothies
x2 Juices
x1 Ginger or tumeric Shot
(Your choice of Core, high-veg,
greens or protein juices)

The ultimate Core programme for detox, a health boost after Christmas and for effective weight loss. Very popular as the best way to stay healthy this time of year!

3 Days = £69
5 Days = £110
7 Days = £147
10 Days = £200



Per day:
x2 Smoothies
x1 Juice
x1 Organic vegan Soup
x2 Shots: ginger and tumeric
x1 herbal tea

Boost your immunity this winter by adding a delicious organic soup to 3 juices and smoothies.  To boost your health further, we've added 2 daily shots.

3 Days = £75
5 Days = £120
7 Days = £161
10 Days = £220



Per day:
x1 Smoothie
x1 Juice
x1 Ginger or tumeric Shot
x1 Breakfast smoothie bowl
x1 Salad or Buddha Bowl (or swap for a soup)

If raw food is more your thing, combine 1 juice and smoothie with a breakfast and a savoury bowl alongside a powerful shot each day to super-charge your health.

3 Days = £78
5 Days = £125
7 Days = £168
10 Days = £230