The Core Eco bottle (500ml)

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The Core Eco bottle (500ml)


The environmentally friendly way to take juice or water on the go.

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The Core Eco

The bottle that's going to help save the world

As plastic fills the ocean

The Core's custom made strong glass bottle with sillicone sleeve is perfect for taking your juices, smoothies or water on the go.

500ml capacity - perfect for juices/smoothies
Glass and silicone materials
Custom made & Core branded
Colorful drop-resistant sleeve
Eco-friendly material
Temperature resistance between 10ºC-100ºC.

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Key features

  • Easy to carry around with ring handle, bring your drink with you even when traveling
  • Colorful silicone wrap gives a great texture, also protects glass from breaking easily
  • Great quality product, safe to use as drinkware and simple to clean
  • Smooth shape designed with vibrant green color, get into the trend now

Technical details

Color: Light green
Size: 500ml
Height2.68 inches
Length7.75 inches
Width2.68 inches
Material type: Borosilicate glass with sillicone sleeve BPA free - food-safe - non-permeable
Product Dimensions: 19.7 x 6.8 x 6.8 cm
Shipping Weight: 300 g


Not your ordinary glass liquid bottle! Borosilicate glass water bottle is known for its superior durability!
BPA free - food-safe - non-permeable. Enjoy your drink without worrying about toxic chemicals. More durable and has a high-toleration to temperature with its thickness and glass material. Wash and reuse over again and it will still maintain its shape, cleanliness, quality, and durability. Non-fragile & safe leak proof with silicone rings and shatter-resistant with borosilicate glass. Under normal use, glass water bottle will not break. It can be accidentally dropped to the floor without worry of breaking. Not only is it made with borosilicate glass, but it is protected with a silicone sleeves. The silicone sleeves not only add a stylish flare but will protect the bottles and help prevent them from breakage. With silicone sleeves, the water bottle doesn't feel slippery, preventing it from becoming too slick with condensation or sweat and reducing the potential for breakage. Although glass water bottle is tougher, stronger, and more durable than your conventional glass bottle, breaking is rare but possible. I Water bottle cap includes a convenient loop on the end of the cap allowing for ease when traveling. Silicone sleeve, cap, and bottle are dishwasher safe.

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Why it's important to swap plastic for glass