The Core Founder: Kris Talikowski


About Kris

The Core Family is headed by Kris Talikowski.  Kris spent eight years working with Jason Vale, the world’s leading expert in juicing for health. Kris has personally built a huge amount of nutritional knowledge that has become the foundation of The Core's focus on nutrition and health.  He speaks publicly and is invited to speak across the country about the benefits of juicing and nutrition.

Kris in 2006 at Uni and then again in 2008 after he discovered juicing

Kris in 2006 at Uni and then again in 2008 after he discovered juicing

Kris' journey

Kris' journey into juicing, started at University when a poor diet and too much alcohol, junk food and coffee caused two months of illness with gladular fever and the mumps. After reading a book on juicing Kris, over six months, transformed his health and approach to food and nutrition.

Kris then decided to read every book he could on nutrition and became obsessed with the basic concepts of how to achieve better health. While working with Jason Vale he opened seven juice bars around the world and found them to be a great place to spread the news about juicing in a direct face-to-face way.

Then in March 2013, Kris then decided to open The Core, where he lived in Swindon. Since the initial juice bar opened, The Core has evolved to do food, thanks to Chef Jay Halford (see below), juice and raw food programmes and in March 2017 The Core opened it's first retreat in Marbella Spain.


The Core Chef: Jay Halford

Jay Halford

About Jay

In 2014 The Core found master foodie Jay Halford to help develop and expand the food menu and help with our workshops, events and retreat

Jay is a health focussed chef, having been classically trained in many fine dining restaurants, he then picked up a passion for raw food and making amazingly healthy dishes.